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A Web Concierge is like a Virtual Assistance on Your Website. Imagine having someone who is always there in your website to help you talk to your site visitor? This virtual assistance who does not sleep and walking your site visitor from page to page. How cool is that to have this concierge, pop out in your web at the right time? Yes, you got it, this is now possible and available to be on your website from tomorrow and say just the right words to promote your offer or redirect them to another page. So, what are the benefits for having this web site concierge or this excellent virtual assistance to appear on your website? Let’s look through the benefits below.
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Increase Conversion Rate

Getting attention from your site visitor is always a challenge but not anymore! With the concierge on your web site, you can now grab attention from your website visitor, at the right time and right page.

With increased attention span, your visitor is now listening to what you are offering. This alone is a great conversion factor for website. So, this will not come as a surprise that your website is starting to get sales, enquiry and new subscribers. As you continue, your website traffic will increase and your ranking will increase too with this alone.

Give An Overview Of Your Website

You can have your concierge pop out on the web and welcome the visitor to your website. This will impress the potential customer of yours! You can give them a summary of what you can expect from this website. If you are running an online store, tell them what you can offer to them today. In addition, you can just talk about everything you have written in the web page so they need not read anymore.
Right after talking you, the web concierge can take them to your offer with a button pop out or an opt-in to collect email. You can even have a countdown timer to get them to act fast before your offer disappear.

Site Visitor Stay Longer in Your Website and Lower Bounce Rate

When you start to engage your site visitor, you will make them stay on your website longer. Your web concierge will walk them through by speaking to them and telling them everything. This talking can be as short as 10 seconds or 1 minute. This time spent is doing good for your site ranking, since longer time spend tells search engine that your site content is interesting.

Redirect Site Visitor to Another Page or Offer in Your Website

Web Concierge can redirect them to another page with a different offer after speaking or when someone is about to leave. So, let’s say that this site visitor is about to leave, the page suddenly blackout and the concierge pops out in the web to share with you a new offer. At this time, you can grab the attention of your website visitor and make a counter offer. When they click on a button at the bottom of the web concierge or fill in the email of the site visitor, you get a conversion!


We can share with you more and how this can benefit your website and start getting the sales to your business. We have solutions on all areas of online marketing or web development. So, there we can even give you a complete website conversion solution for your business.

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